Sunday, May 31, 2009

My rub-on experiment

The other day I was cleaning up my stamp room and discovered that I had a ton of rub ons laying around that I had done NOTHING with. I'm such a hoarder. Anyway, I decided to see how they would turn out on these cute little metal buckets I got from Oriental Trading. I used a couple of the rub ons from the set in the Occasions Mini. It was much harder to get them to stick to the bucket than I expected, but I finally managed with only a few minor flaws (thats really good for me!). Part of the inspire rub on didn't stick right, so I covered the mistake with the rubon butterfly. I also used several strips of ribbon and a diamond like brad from the Pretties Kit (you thought I was finished with that didn't you) to make a bow. I filled it with tissue (had to take up a little space, I couldn't give away ALL my chocolates!) some shredded and crimped card stock and then a few chocolates on top. This will be going to one of my hostesses in June. Although with the added incentive of an extra 20 or 40 dollars in free merchandise (Don't know what I'm talking about? For every workshop, catalog show, or online order between $250-$399 you recieve an additonal $20 in free merchadise and for shows $400 or more you get an extra $40) they are already pampered! Would you like to be one of my pampered hostesses? Just leave a comment and I will get right back to you.


  1. LOVE that little bucket! How 'bout you send it to me instead of giving it to your hostess next month?????

  2. LOVE THE BUCKET!!!!!! It's a great hostess gift as well as an incentive for a booking!! Nice job.

  3. Very Cute...I like the goodies inside.


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