Wednesday, November 10, 2010

European Convention: Charlotte Harding Class

Shortly after Shelli spoke Charlotte Harding, the Training and Events Facilitator for Europe got up on stage to talk about some of the new products in Europe, Clear Mount Stamps and Watercolor paper. We were all so happy to see some stamping going on. After Shelli's heart wrenching opening we needed some fun. I was lucky to be right up front by the stage, but as always the classes and up close stuff was posted on a large screen right in front of me. So, the pictures may leave a little to be desired. Bear with me though, the ideas are worth the struggle to see the pics! (and as always, to see larger pictures, just click on the images.)

Charlotte's first tip was one I had never really thought about. There is extra room in the Clear Stamp DVD case, so why not put a sample card in each case?
Tip #2 was one I had already known about, using your left over rubber to keep your clear mount stamps secured in their case. The one thing that I had never thought about, was actually sticking the rubber down to the case.....why don't I think of these things. Sure would make it easier than chasing the leftover rubber around the case every time!
The Background on this card was made by inking up the clear mount block. It gives it a pretty nice distressed look don't you think?
And here, Charlotte shows how to make a reverse image or reflection of your stamp by stamping the stamp on paper, then stamping it again on a clear mount block and then on the paper. It is so much easier this way than using the brayer to reverse an image!
This tip was about the watercolor paper. I never would have though of wetting the paper and then coloring it, but that is what she did. To make it pop even more she clear embossed an image and then colored over the image after the paper was wet.

Finally, my favorite tip of all.......turning your multiple stamps into two step stamping. First she stamped all three monsters at once by placing them all together on a block.
Second she placed all the face pieces (eyes, mouth, etc) on the inked image where she wanted them.
Finally she pressed a clear mount block over the top of the pieces and Tada......she was able to do multiple cards without having to stamp 600 times! I love this technique! It's an awesome time saver!
Well, that was it for Charlotte, but don't worry, next up were the Workshop Wow's!!!!

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