Tuesday, November 9, 2010

European Convention: The Demos Arrive

I don't know if you remember me saying last year that the European demos needed to learn how to act at convention. Last year they were quiet, subdued, no one yelled, screamed, danced, or ran around hugging people (you know, like we American's do........). Well this year, it all changed. They almost have it perfect. I'm sure next year (When they are in Euro Disney for convention I might add. I'm so jealous I won't be able to attend since I'll be back in the states!) they will give the American convention a run for their money! Anyway, here are some pictures from the first three hours.

The Palace where convention was held was probably about a 15 minute drive from our hotels. Of course, in London that is equivalent to about 2 miles. I've never seen so many vehicles driving at the same time! Our coach drivers were amazing though, and managed to maneuver those huge things through a maze of traffic.

This obviously is us on the bus. This was before we had the harrowing experience of riding in a coach on London's busy small streets. It's disconcerting enough to American's to be on the "wrong" side of the road, but you add in all the other motorists and round abouts and I think my smile slipped off my face about a minute into the trip! :) (don't worry, it came back as soon as we arrived!)

This was the first year the European Demos were able to shop at a Momento Mall on site (last year they had to order the items on the demo website). If you squint a little, this almost looks like the line in Salt Lake for Momento Mall!
Finally, this is the stage set up for the General Assembly. In SLC, you would never be allowed up on stage, but Sara and I managed to sneak ourselves up there for a few quick picks. We definitely started something, because for the rest of convention if no one was up there speaking, a group of demos was up there taking pictures!

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