Wednesday, November 10, 2010

European Convention- Workshop Wows

I think one of my favorite parts of convention, whether here in Europe or in Salt Lake City, is workshop wows! This year was no exception. The cool part about the EU Convention is that we get a WOW from each country.
The first Wow came from a good friend of mine, Emma. She was representing the UK, and did an amazing job.
Her technique showed us how to make colored stazon using a white stazon reinker.......
and an ink refill soaked into a dauber then daubed onto a stamp....this one is Cherry Cobbler.
I love the way this turned out. I will definitely be using it as soon as I buy some white Stazon!!!!!
Our second WOW came from Germany (and please forgive me, I can't remember the other two presenters names!).
She did an amazing vintage card, but the take away I got from this demonstration was how to use the crimper to break down paper fibers and make the paper more pliable.

After she ran the paper through the crimper several times, would take the bone folder and smooth out the crimps. This gave her textured paper that was malleable and without the Long John look that happens when you crimp both ways.

Finally we had our demonstration from the French. Unfortunately our demonstrator came down with Laryngitis that morning, so she had to have another demo be her voice. She made a cute little one photo wallet.
her technique showed us how to use clear embossing powder and the teastain ink that can be found in the NEW distressing kit to achieve a vintage look. If you would like to see their completed projects, they can be found on the display boards page of this blog.

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  1. Hey sweetie it was so good to see you again too bad you're going back and we won't get to see you again in Paris next year, wasn't it a fab Convention once again? LOVED IT!! Wanted to say that YOU LOOK AMAZING!! well done!! big hugs Monica xxx


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