Tuesday, July 30, 2013

25th Anniversary Party!

Friday night we were all invited to a 25th Anniversary Party. They had changed up the resource center to look like a club, and we had a live band (The Spazmatics) and cupcakes, and Free Washi Tape. What more could a girl ask for? We even had live entertainment, like this Break-dancing troupe who joined us all on the dance floor.

The Spazmatics were amazing. They were an 80's cover band, and for an 80's girl like me, I couldn't help but get out on the dance floor and shake what my Mama gave me (ok, I admit it, I didn't shake it very well, but it was still ok, no one laughed!)

The cupcakes were so delicious, and they had entertainment popping up out of the tables to serve us.

They also had these women hanging from the ceiling around both sides of the room. The trips and flips they did were amazing! And with the 25 in the picture, it definitely made a great memory.

With all this going on, everyone got into the party mood. Here is a picture of my roomie Trish as well as my new friend Dawn Walker-Randall. (John, I told you I would show you a picture of your wife getting down!)

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