Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to Personalize your projects

Shannon West taught us how to personalize our projects. She had tons of great ideas.

The first thing she shared was her plan for writing Love Letters. She said Love letters aren't just for a significant other, but also for anyone you care for.

I loved the box she made to hold her letters and supplies.
She also shared how much better any letter is when it has a monogram.

 Shannon also showed us how to use MDS to personalize projects by making postcards that can be from either where we were going, or from where we live.

She also showed us how to use the personalized stamps for projects other than addresses or our own monogram.

Another quick and easy way to personalize a project is  by using dates. 

This project used the birthdates of all her nieces and nephews.
Shannon showed us one other way to personalize our projects....using a NEW PRODUCT called Undefined. Check out the next post to see what that was all about.  

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