Sunday, July 21, 2013

Demonstrator Theater- Cheri Hunt

Cherie Hunt was one of the presenters I was able to watch . She talked about how to make stamps and punches more appealing to our customers. She told us about SAVE.

While these concepts were for our customers, it also is how I purchase my own items. I want something that can be used in many ways so I can get a bigger bang for my buck.

The first item she showed was the hexagon punch. Look at all the ways she found to use it. I think the wreath and the garland are my favorite!

Then she showed us ways to use the pansy punch. Who would have thought to use it to make a heart?

The next thing she showed us was the ornament punch. While my pictures turned out horrible, hopefully you get the idea. She put a dimensional on the back, and then used the glue pen to glue the dimensional paper to the cardstock. This allows the ornaments to be peeled off and used as gift tags. How ingenious is that?

The final thing Cheri showed us was how to make this cute card using the Bracket tag punch to make the fence posts. Isn't it adorable?


  1. thanks for posting

  2. wow, you would never have known that I was there watching this presentation and still forgot almost everything she shared! Thanks for the refreshing, Kelly...and happy birthday!


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