Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Are you tired of hearing that name? Then get off your butt and go check them out. There is more talent there than anywhere else. And these ladies are super kind. They share, and compliment, and they even send really cool RAKs. Just as an example, I thought I would show you a RAK I got recently. Sandi McIver sent this cool chick to me. I had seen it on her blog and via LNS, so I sent an email telling her how much I admired her and her cute little chick. Next thing I know she showed up in my mailbox. There is nothing as thrilling as opening your mail and finding a handmade card from someone. It really made my day. I've decided to continue on the tradition, so.......keep an eye on your mailbox. One may be coming to you!

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  1. Geezy Pete's this is the cutest chick! HAHA!


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