Friday, April 17, 2009

Recipe Cards

Ok, I've had these laying around forever. When the fall catalog come out I decided I wanted to make the recipe box that was all the rage....well, I bought all the supplies, and then this was as far as I managed to get. I figured I would take a picture of them, because I doubt I ever actually get to the recipe box. I am thinking about using the Simply Scrappin' Kit Love Sparkles to create a chocolate lover's cookbook. Now that I'm on weight watchers, I will probably give it away, too much temptation!

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  1. I have an idea for your cards.....something I am doing for a friend's Church Bazaar.....
    They have a recipe for bean soup and put the beans in a jar and usually attach a folded sheet of paper for the recipe. Well this year I am going to make recipe cards...just like you have already made... and they will sell them at their bazaar. I am thinking on making a few for myself for gifts....


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