Friday, June 18, 2010

Funky Friday Soccer???

This week's Funky Friday challenge is to make a card using Soccer or the World Cup as a theme. Ok, I admit it, I am not a soccer fan. Yes, I live in Germany, and Yes I watched the USA give the UK a run for their money, but soccer?? Really?? Anyway, I was outside talking about (ok, basically complaining about) having to make a card based on soccer. My next door neighbor's six year old son informed me that he knew all about soccer. (He's German, of course he does!) He then asked me if I wanted him to help me. He took me upstairs to my craft room and proceeded to whip out this great card for his Dad. (who is one of those weird American's who does like Soccer!!!). I thought it turned out so well that I told him I would use it for the challenge. If you like it, make sure you leave him a comment. He watches my blog and will be looking for it! That's him with his card in the picture below. Thanks Sean!!!! You did an awesome job!


  1. Sean,
    I love the way you did the grass, your card is fantastic!

  2. WOW great card! My daughter plays soccer and I will have to CASE your card for her coach's thank you card. Thanks for the idea.


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