Monday, June 28, 2010

Katie's Card

Ok, I admit it, I'm not a fan of this stamp set. As a matter of fact, I didn't even want to buy it! But, my wonderful, creative, loving daughter Katie is a big fan of Wolves. So much so that when she was younger she insisted she was part Wolf (It must have been from her dad's side of the family :) ). So, I purchased the set thinking I would give it to her for her Birthday. Well, there is a new stamp in the upcoming catalog that I think she will love, so I will probably get her that instead. Since I already had this set, and since I wanted to spend some quality time with her, I gave it to her early. This is the card she made. (sorry the picture is so blurry, I need to teach her how to use the camera!)

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  1. Katie, your card is amazing! The background is wonderful - like a real full moon night when the moon lights up a few clouds. And I nearly can hear the wolves voice... Great job!

    Kathrin aka Kruemel


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