Friday, June 18, 2010

Operation Hero Watch Has Gone International!!!

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Operation Hero Watch has grown to mean more than I ever would have imagined, and not just to my kids. I never would have known what a big impact your cards and letters would have not only on my family, but my military community at large. Let me tell you, I've had friends all over post ask about our cards. My children have shared what you wrote with their friends whose Dads and Moms have deployed. I've read your letters to my husband when he calls. Even my German co-workers have been tracking where all the cards are coming from. Everyone seems to want in on the act. I am just amazed at how far reaching your thoughfulness and a little of your time has gone. We currently have 7 families on my street alone who are being effected by deployment and over the next few months we will have several more join us. When I tell my kids that Hero Mail has arrived it is no longer just them who come running. Suddenly the entire neighborhood is sitting on my porch listening to my daughter read your cards. It has brought us not only comfort, but all a little closer together. My words cannot thank you enough for all you have done for this group of military families thousands of miles away.

Because of the profound effect this project is having on my children, neighbors, and friends, I woud like to keep it going. My daughter really wants to fill up that map of the US. If I can ask for one more favor....... Could you pass our request on to anyone you think may be able to help us reach our goal. Anyone who would be willing to write a letter or send a card to my children would be greatly appreciated. The address is listed above with the map. Thank you again for taking this beyond my wildest dreams!

Yet another pile of Hero Mail!

This one came all the way from New Zealand!

And this one came from our Eurpean neighbors the Netherlands!
The outpouring of caring and gratitude has been overwhelming. Thank you so much for your support.
Check back next week for another update, as well as pictures and excerpts from some of the cards.


  1. You'll have a card from Virginia coming to you soon! Just have to get it in the mail!
    Words and cards are not enough to express my family's pride in our military members and their families. Thanks to all of you for your sacrifices!

  2. do you need something from Missouri?
    email me at gwen_mangelson@sbcglobal and let me know


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