Saturday, June 19, 2010

My dog Charley

A while ago, I showed you a picture of my cute cat Dia, helping me out in the stamp room. Well I thought it was about time I introduced you to the man of the house......Charley. Charley was a rescue from a pound about 9 years ago, and he has been a member of the family ever since. He flew to Germany with us 3 years ago, and looks like he will be making the trip back with us whenever we go. He thinks he owns the neighborhood, and even the Great Dane who lives across from us doesn't intimidate him. Unfortunately though, Charley recently had horrible ear infections. He messed with his ears so much, he ruptured one of his blood vessels and caused a Hematoma (of course this happened exactly 12 hours after my hubby left for Afghanistan!). In order to fix it he had to have surgery, and that means that my poor little puppy has to be a cone head! The vet didn't want him to scratch at his stitches so he had to wear this lovely plastic thing around his head. Since Matt wasn't here to see our little scrapper encased in Plastic, I wanted to commemorate the moment. Thus the inspiration for today's project. I used a piece of chipboard as a frame and decorated it with the D is for Dog stamp set. I need a bigger picture of Charley to make it work exactly right, but I figured you this would at least give you the idea. So, isn't he adorable???

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