Sunday, August 12, 2012


This is one of the current stamp sets I already had, but have never really used. I got it out and the only stamp that was mounted was the little owl. Definitely time to break this one in. This is not my favorite card, but I figured I should show you anyway. Maybe one of you will have a great idea on how to improve on it. It looked great in my head, but when I got it put together it definitely was missing something. I added the pearls hoping that would help it, but it still needs something. Any idea what?

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  1. Kelly, I am soooo glad you are back. Love your work and your comments.
    About your Aviary card - how about some stands to set the cages on, or some string to hang them with? It might work, but it might just clutter it all up. I have difficulty 'translating' my ideas into recognizable cards too.


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