Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weddings, Cherries and Elvis???

Have I mentioned that I'm getting married next month? No, I didn't divorce Matt and I'm not in a polygamous relationship. We got married almost 15 years ago by a Justice of the Peace in what Matt lovingly refers to as clown college (aka Juvenile Court). I had done the whole wedding thing the first time around and it turned into a disaster. Anyway, it worked for us. But this year, I'm turning 40 (according to my daughter I will then be Old.....My son thinks I already have one foot in the grave!). To celebrate we are heading to Vegas and since we will be there anyway, we decided to renew our vows. In typical Mayou style, we can't do it in a normal quiet way....we have to be different. So, Elvis will be officiating. My husbands best man is my girlfriend Amanda, and my Maid of Honor is her significant other Derek. Oh, and no white dress for me.......mine is black, and covered in cherries.......

Isn't it cute? I've got great little Cherry Sandals and a cherry fascinator to go with it. (That's a type of hat if you didn't know). Wow, that's a long story just to get to my card.......Anyway, when I saw the Cherries in the Button Buddies set, I knew exactly what kind of card I wanted to make. I even got to use some of the glitter paper. It might not be as cute as my "wedding" dress, but it's pretty darn close!


  1. Kelly have a wonderful time in Vegas your way. Sounds wonderful! Your dress is perfect. And CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Kelly, That sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your time in Vegas & don't forget to take pictures to show us! Love your dress!

  3. This sounds like so much fun!! Congrats!!

    Oh, and I love the card, too!! :-)


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