Saturday, August 11, 2012


My Mom called recently and asked for a stamping favor. Now I can never turn my Mom down, but when it involves stamping, why would I want to. Remember I mentioned a few days ago that I was getting remarried in Vegas next month? Well, while I'm doing that, my parents will be house, dog and kid sitting. Since they will be in Illinois, my Mom had to change the date of the book discussion date she leads. She wanted a reminder to put on the books so everyone would remember the date change. She asked for bookmarks, and this is what I came up with. I know the stamp is retired, but he was perfect for this project. The jumbo paperclips have been sitting around my house, so I figured it was time to use some of them up. I think they ended up turning out pretty darn cute!

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  1. Way to Go Kelly! Not only are they awesome but cute. I know your mom and her book club will enjoy them. I know I would. So you are coming out to Vegas hugh!! Well I hope it is cooler, today it was 107, guess I forgot to say, I live in North Las Vegas. I hope you have a wonderful time.


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