Friday, August 3, 2012

Polka Dot Piggy

Ok, the favorite stamp in the Button Buddies set is the pig. She is just so darn cute! (No, I have no idea why I think she's a girl.). I needed a birthday card for a co-worker this week, and I couldn't let the snail have all the fun. In order to dress this piggy up for a party, I added a crown and purse from the Every Little Bit stamp set. I was so excited when I realized that I still had some of these rhinestones stashed away. My daughter likes to use them, and I thought I was completely out. Thank goodness I found a few more. I think it the bling makes the pig stand out even more. What do you think?

Oh, one more thing before I forget it......I'm officially a Demo again! Hubby finally relented to letting me join. Still no stamp sets though. I had to get the new ink pads. After stamping with them just once I realized that the ease of stamping with them far outweighed the cost. So, the majority of my demonstrator kit went towards getting two of the sets of ink pads. Oh I just have to get some stamp sets when I place my 30% off order. Anyone have any suggestions on which ones I need now? (Yes, Button Buddies is on that list!)

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