Monday, July 15, 2013


Tonight was the LNS wow event. Unfortunately, due to matters outside my control, I wasn't able to attend. Luckily for me (and you too) my amazing, wonderful, fantastic roomie went and gave me a full report including pictures. Thank you Trish Cortez, you Rock!

The first project was creating fake Washi tape. This was done by using scotch tape and water and DSP. If you want more information, you can check out my posts from Regionals where they showed us how to do it.

The next project was this amazing double gate fold card. I just love the bling on this card.

 Then came an oldie but goodie, faux metal. The wow included two ways to make the faux metal using both tons of embossing powder or a second way using versamark.

What about the brayered folder technique? Another classic that looks totally different with our new folders.

This next technique is one I can't wait to try. You know the embossing in white and watercoloring inside? Well this is for those times when a heat gun just isn't an option. Instead of embossing powder, you can just use white craft ink.

How about using a aqua painter and crystal effects. This just looks so cool. I'm so glad that they gave us a CD showing how to recreate all the projects. This is a must do!

This card is made using framelits and window sheets. You can actually make the butterflies look like they are flying!

Finally, is this torn paper card. I love that this has a look of tiled mosaic.

Once again, part of the event was a CD showing the tutorials on all these awesome techniques. Just another reason to come to the LNS pre-convention events next year!


  1. I can see that you are having a wonderful time Kelly and more to come for sure...enjoy it all.
    And keep showing the cards and things you are doing, because...I love to see them.

  2. You are learning some great techniques, Kelly. Thanks for sharing.


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