Monday, March 2, 2009

Bunny Basket

Isn't this the most adorable basket? And it was so easy! All I used was the basket and blooms die for the basket part. the Rabbit head is a 2.5" circle. This can be cut with the brand new circle scissors, but if you haven't gotten your back ordered product yet, it is the fourth ring on the coluzzle. The feet are made of the large oval punch, 1/2" circle punch and I used the retired 1/4" circle punch, but if you want to stay completely current you could use a marker for the three little circles. Each ear is 2 large ovals in white and one small oval in pink attached at an almost 90 degree angle. The eyes are 1/2" circle punch and once again the 1/4" circle punch squared off at the bottom. The nose is the smallest heart from the heart to heart punch. The flower in the Bunny's hair as well as the Easter tag are extra's from the die. Oh, I also am planning on making a boy one...instead of putting the bow in her hair you can also use the middle heart punch (put one heart on each end) and a 1/2" circle punch in the middle to make a bow tie. I wish I could take credit for this, but the majority of the idea came from Pamela Brown and can be found at

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