Friday, March 27, 2009

Magazine Card Holder the Sequel

Ok, yesterday I showed you the mini cards. Today I will show you the standard one. Someone (I wish I knew who so I could give you credit...let me know if it was you) took the mini magazine holder and figured out the measurements to increase it. Same Simply Scrappin kit as yesterday, same stamps, just different size. Which one do you like better?

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  1. Be still my beating heart! I NEEEEEED the directions for this PRETTTY PLEASE! I just bought a new house and am bound and determined to have a cute and organized office/craft room (I'm a quilter, scrapper, stamper...). I need magazine holders like this...with all the scrapbook paper and cardstock I have lyin around, I'd MUCH rather make them than BUY them. please send instrucitons to s a r a l o ok er at g ma il do t com (you know the drill ;0) THANKS again! I promise to link back to this post when I make some to share with my small audience.


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