Sunday, March 29, 2009

Come On Sun!

Ok, here it is the end of March, and here in Germany we have yet to see even one full day of Sun. I think we are all feeling the draining effects of the gray raining/snowing days. A week ago a bunch of us got together at my upline's home and did another shoe box swap. These are so much fun, and yet another reason to be a demo. We get to go to these special meetings about once a month (sometimes more if we beg!). You can go with me if you want. I can take a guest each month. The only catch is once you go as a guest you can't come back unless you sign up to be a demo. Let me know if this is something you would like to check out. Our next meeting is May 3rd.

So....back to the lack of sunshine. I think the gray days are really affecting one of my sidelines, Christina. She created this "simple" (her words not mine) card in YoYo Yellow. This is a bright card, but you could actually feel the mood brighten in the room. I thought I would see if it would brighten across the WWW too, so here is my Lemon card!

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