Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You're Hired!

Remember that group that I told you about ....the Late Night Stampers Group? Well Sherrill Graff is the list owner, and she is absolutely amazing. Want to know who her upline is? Shelli Gardner (co-founder of Stampin' Up!). There are so many talented experienced artists on on that group. Sherrill hires demonstrators from the list to make cards for her to show at her workshops. Later they are sold off to support a charity of Sherrill's choice. While I thought that would be a wonderful honor to be chosen, I've always been so intimidated and felt that my work just wasn't up to the same standards as the other artists on there that I didn't apply. Well, after some encouragment from other list members and Sherrill herself, I sent her a link to my blog asking for some constructive criticism. Imagine my surprise when she informed me that I was HIRED for the month of April! I am so excited. I've been walking on air all day, and I feel like I just won the lottery. If you still haven't checked out our group you have to do it today! It's amazing how much I have grown since I have become a part of them. Also, keep an eye out on my blog for the new cards I will be making to send to Sherrill. I'm hoping they will knock your socks off (or at least be stamped straight!).

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