Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm back!!

So, did you all miss me? Dublin was awesome. We had some rain, but it seemed to just make it more Irish (if that makes any sense). I know I promised I would put some new stuff on here once I got back, but I still am recovering and I haven't had a chance to stamp. Besides, I am kind of having fun with the time machine :) If you all could give me just a couple more days of reminiscing, I'll have some new and fabulous creations for you. To keep you entertained, I've included a picture of my flock of turkeys from Thanksgiving. We always invite over a bunch of friends and single soldiers for a home cooked Thanksgiving meal. I thought it would be fun to make placecards (then we figured out we didn't have enough chairs for everyone, so some ate sitting on the floor!). They use the top note die and about a million punches (ok only 3). Aren't they just adorable?


  1. I can't wait to hear more about your vacation, sounds like a pretty fun one!!
    These are sooo adorable! I need a close up so I can CASE!!
    It is awesome that you take in the single soldiers for the holiday too! I guess that is what turkey day is all about!!

  2. The turkeys look cute, but I need a closer view to figure out what you did! Thanks. jmniffer

  3. How stinking cute!!!! I have to tell you...I was married to a guy in the Navy some years back and we did the same thing for holidays. It so sucks being single and being far from home on a holiday! So, we invited all the single guys that my husband worked with over for the day. It was always LOADS of fun!


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