Saturday, July 25, 2009

My new Blog Look

So, hopefully by now you have all seen the amazing layout on my blog. Michelle Laycock of Laycock Designs took my crazy ramblings of " in colors, busy, bright, fun" and turned it into this amazing layout. Heather Wright-Porto of Blogs by Heather then set up my blog to include Michelle's new graphics. Personally I love it. They even gave me a signature for all my posts. They also worked super fast to get my new look ready for the Royal Blog Tour tomorrow! So, I'm happy to hear what you think. I have to admit though, I think that those who know me will agree, this blog now screams Kelly!!!!


  1. Cute stuff!! I like the ribbon along the sides of your blog too!

  2. Very nice work. I really enjoyed your designs, Bob Kaiser


    I am jealous that you are at convention! Have fun for me!


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