Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where has the time gone?

ARRRRRRRGGGHHHH! Do you realize that I leave in a little less than three weeks for convention? Where in the world has the time gone. I have three shoe box swaps (two cards and one 3d project) 100 punch pages and swaps to prepare for. I'm also in the middle of an inspection this week as well as have to get all my August work done during July so I can actually take the time to enjoy myself in SLC. Saying all that, I am going to need to really buckle down and work for the next several days so I can get it all done. Don't worry, I won't leave you with nothing to look at. I decided that I would share with you the amazing creations I recieved from my VC_Rocks group. I joined an Ebony and Ivory swap. The requirement for this swap was to only use Neutral colors in our card making. I showed you the card I made for this swap here, but here are the wonderful ones I recieved back!

This first card is the one that inspired me to make the card I showed you yesterday. Unfortunately the artist didn't put her name on the back. Hopefully she will let me know who she is. I absolutely adore her use of the pocket silhouette stamp set.

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  1. What a beautiful card...its simplicity makes it look so elegant...


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