Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pretty cool Christmas Project

These folded Christmas ornaments seemed to be all the rage last Christmas. My upline gave me a copy of a tutorial she found and I went wild. I made tons of these. Only problem with them was that it took me about six hours just to fold and glue one together. Oh well. I hope the people that got them liked them and didn't just throw them away :)
UPDATE: I had so many people asking for a tutorial on this that I had to include where I got the instructions. I wish I could take credit for this, but the best instructions I found were here at Folding Trees. Hope all of those that asked have fun making these!


  1. absolutely beautiful..... is that paper or ribbon? Would love to have the pattern if you want to share... I love the pink & the brown... such a soothing combination.....


  2. Wow!! These are fabulous and so pretty. If anyone threw these away, they are crazy!!

  3. SIX HOURS? You most certainly have more patience than I do! They are absolutely beautiful and well worth the six hours in my opinion!

  4. These are great. Just found your blog from the Royal Blog Tour and have been exploring. Please send a tutorial or post it.

    Carey Rogers
    pedstamper at sbcglobal dot net


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