Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wasn't that Incredible?

Ok, I will be the first to say it. The Royal Blog tour was absolutely incredible! All those amazing projects and cards. I have to admit, I may have managed to fill up my CASE file once again. I hope you all took a moment (or a couple of hours) to see the hard work that everyone put on display. If not, you don't know what you are missing.

Normally this is where I post a new card, or a new project, or a swap I recieved. Unfortunately, I don't have one to post today, or tomorrow, or this weekend. You see I am still working on all my stuff for Convention. I leave Sunday for my 23 hour trip to Salt Lake City. While it sounds super long, I'm actually pretty excited about my trip. I am traveling to the states in First Class (gotta love those frequent flier miles!). But, as I was saying, I don't have anything to show you for the next few days. I did recieve some of my acetate swaps from my VC_Rocks group, so if I can get those photographed and posted before I go, I will. Otherwise you may just have to sit and twiddle your thumbs for a few days.

I promise I will make it worth your while though. While I'm at convention I am planning on attending several swaps and Make N Takes during the pre-convention activities. And I will update daily to let you know all the cool stuff I'm seeing and hearing at convention. So, if you please will forgive me for my lack of original posts the past few weeks, I'm sure you will be well rewarded.

Ok, I'm off again. I need to go complete my roomie's welcome present and put the finishing touches on a couple of swaps. I'll talk to you soon from Salt Lake City!

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