Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I must love my kids.....

Ok, I know I love them, but sometimes I amaze myself with the lengths I'm willing to go to for them. Last night, March 16th, at 9:00 PM we were just settling down for bed when my daughter decided she wanted me to make the little punch leprechauns we had made during my technique Tuesday class for her friends. "But Mom, don't you want us all to be Pinch Proof?" she whined. Of course I said yes. Then she informs me that you can only bring things to give out if you make enough for the entire class, that way no one feels left out. Ok, 21 Leprechauns coming up.....then from downstairs another voice is heard....."Mom, if you're going to make them for Katie's friends, can you make them for mine too?" I can't show favoritism, so needless to say, last night I made 39 leprechauns. Luckily my wonderful hubby was willing to help stamp, sponge and stick, so we go them done around midnight. It only took a few hours longer to put the pins on each one! :) Oh well, the hugs I got this morning when I handed them their bunch of leprechauns made it all worth while. Here is Jay, sporting his "Pinch Proof" leprechaun! It's a good thing I made them, because he insisted on wearing his Lego batman shirt!!!!

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