Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween Treats........ Need your Help

Ok, well...I'm still working on the 55 Halloween treats I mentioned a week or so ago.......but I'm not liking the way they are turning out. I've spent so much time on them I hate to have them not be everything they can be (as the Army Says!). Anyway, If you would please take a look at this one and tell me what I could do to improve on it. It definitely needs something. Also remember though that I have 55 of these to do. So, the easier the fix the better! Thanks everyone I knew I could count on you!


  1. I think they are great - and is this blood in it? So, if you really want to change them - do you have the black lace? What about adding a strip on the bottom and probably drawing a black line on the red square all around the edge?
    If you need some black lace - let me know and I will send Stefan over! I have tons of it!


  2. I think they're super cute! If you do want to add something a little extra, what about stamping some bats from the Wicked Cool stamp set on the red behind dracula? That'd look good. I also love the black lace idea from the lady above.

  3. They are really cute...mabye stamp some words on the red using versamark...or red

  4. I think I probably would have stamped the vamp in chocolate so it would stand out more. But, since you're pieces are already stamped, I would stamp the stamp again in chocolate, cut out the front cape piece and use a dimensional to add it on top. That extra dimension would look great!


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