Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Operation Hero Watch Complete

We Made it! As of yesterday we received a card from Alabama....the last state we needed to make our goal of receiving a card from every state complete. This has been an emotional roller coaster. I can't thank each and every one of you enough. Some of you sent cards, told friends, got family in other places to mail cards to us, and some of you even drove across state lines to make sure my kids got a card from every state. Thank you Thank you Thank you again. My children will never again doubt that what their Daddy does is appreciated. The best part of this entire operation is that we are now in the home stretch. Dad should be home in about 8 weeks. This has made the deployment go by quickly. And I don't know if each of you knows how much I have appreciated, and needed, your words of encouragement along the way. I wouldn't have made it without you!

Update: oops, I was just told that I forgot to put Hawaii on the map....but we did get a card from there as well!


  1. YAHOO! Well done, team! So pleased to hear you're on the countdown until Dad's home again. We were thrilled to be part of Operation Hero Watch - thanks for letting us share such an important event with your family.
    Big hugs, Kelly - hang in there, babe.
    Love, Bron and the boys (from New Zealand) xxooxxoo

  2. Kelly, God bless you and your family! I so appreciate our military men and women! I, too, have a family member (son-in-law) in the military. It's rough, but we know God is in control!


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