Sunday, November 8, 2009

Awards Dinner

Of course Emily, Sara, and I weren't going to get any awards in Frankfurt, but we had a blast hanging out with some of our UK friends during dinner. The food was wonderful, as was the friendship. We did go to bed right after though, since we hadn't had any sleep the night before! Check out these pictures of a great time! Oh, I do have to tell you the funny story about the napkins. From the Balcony of our room we could see into the Assembly hall where the dinner would be held. We saw these huge "sticks" on every table, but we couldn't get a close look at them. We even tried zooming in with our cameras, but had no luck. At any rate, we were rather disappointed when we go inside for dinner and it was just our napkins! :) That's what we get for trying to peek.
Here was the Awards Sign. I loved the colors they used on it, and thought maybe I will make a card using them.
Shelli looked gorgeous as always, and started off the awards after dinner.

Here are some of the ladies at our table. Of course we hung out with the UK demos. They were super lovely and so much fun.
Here is Abi, one of our UK demos, before she realized she had to go up front for an award. She was Demo of the Year #23 for all of the UK. I wish I had taken a picture of her face when she realized they were going to make her walk across the stage!

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  1. Ok i want copies of all those pictures please!!!!!!! going up there was scary!!!!!!!! especially when i slipped over!!!! stupid high heels note to self remain in flats and look short.

    Great to meet you guys had a fab time Kelly you are so funny!!!!! will miss you guys see you next year at convention!!!! we hope xx


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