Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shelli's Opening Remarks

Shelli's opening remarks got convention off on the right foot. She started by telling the SU! story, basically the little business that could! I've heard the story before, but never seem to tire of it. It's remarkable that they were able to grow this amazing company from a business in their living room. Did you know Stampin' Up! almost had to declare bankruptcy only a couple of years after they began? It was that financially scary time that caused Shelli to vow to never operate her business in debt again. And you know what? She hasn't!

She also spoke about the new IDA. She defended the companies position involving their stand on the new internet policies by saying that while SU! is recognizing how the internet is changing the world, it isn't all for the better. She believes that the internet has caused us to lose what connects us with people. SU! believes we should be focusing on people and building relationships and that is why they are so committed to the face to face workshop. New faces is what keeps our businesses growing and flourishing. In Shelli's words, "We are more than words on a screen."

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