Sunday, November 8, 2009

What you've been waiting for Shelli's Projects!

Shelli's projects were just as amazing here as they were in Salt Lake. She did make a slight mistake before she began though. She said she was focusing on her Signature Collection, but when she went to make the projects she kept finding items that she wanted to use that she couldn't because they weren't carried in the European catalog. That earned her a large round of applause as we heard over and over from the European Demos how much they wanted some of our products. She did recover though, and went on to show us some awesome tips tricks and projects.

This first card uses the Rustic Rooster stamp set. While this is retired in the US, it is currently in the European catalog. She showed a neat trick using the 1" punch to form the scallop edge at the bottom of this card.
This second project featured the Medallion Stamp set. Instead of being used as a background, she showed how to use it as a focal point on this little card holder. She also explained how to use the scallop circle punch to make the scalloped edge around the medallion. She simple clipped little slits between each of the scallops on the circle punch to stretch out the scallop circle punch.
This was folded in such a unique way that you didn't even need adhesive to keep it closed. Even if you didn't use the Belly Band. Isn't this gorgeous? No wonder the Medallion is the #1 selling stamp set in America.
Here's another one she made using the Pink Flamingo paper.This Card uses the Bride paper. I never would have thought to stamp on this paper, but it makes such a cool effect. You simply stamp on the paper and then blog the excess ink off the shiny lines on the paper. Once she layered several stamps from the Nature stamp set she simply punched out the butterfly. She also showed us how she speckles her cardstock by using a soaking wet aqua painter and a little ink sqeezed into the lid of a ink pad.
This was a simple notebook that she showed. It is such a gorgeous gift. This one has a P on it for Pam Morgan.
This is a cute little gift box made from a simple template, which she gave us all during the convention. Inside it has Shelli's two favorite things......Cards and Chocolate!
These are the pages of Shelli's 6x6 Scrapbook. She really liked the list page. She created gifts from DSP and then had tags inside the gifts that could be pulled out for each person. She also shared her sisters page. She got a bit emotional, as one of her sisters is fighting cancer for the second time. The sisters page was also stamped on Bride paper, so it has those cools lines in it as well.

Shelli was as entertaining as always, and I was more than impressed with the projects she showed us. I have another wish list a mile long, of new products that I need to buy! I guess that is just a side effect of convention, No matter which country you are in.

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