Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Big Secret: Here's Your Hint

Ok, it's only 24 hours until the big reveal (give or take a few, I can never remember to take into account the time difference) and I promised you a hint. Here it is.....The answer was guessed in a couple of the comments. Now it's up to you to search the comments and figure out which ones are right!!! Woohoo.....only one day to go until I can tell you all! (Ok, quit giving me dirty looks now!!!!)


  1. I still only know one thing for sure - it´s craft/SU related... ;o) I am Kathrin, I am unpatient, I am curious - but somehow I´ll survive until tomorrow. Could you please post at 0:01 European Time? LOL


  2. I am pretty sure I know the secret and am so excited!! Since I'm not a demo can I tell? :) SU is going to offer cling mounted stamps. If I'm not supposed to tell please delete my comment.


  3. Well then my friend - we are only a few hours till the big reveal right??
    he he :)

  4. Hey Kelly,
    I think you are going to be SU's new liaison representative between the US & Europe and will be helping with next year's European Convention. Am I close? Whatever your announcement, I am so happy for you. Have a great weekend.


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