Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dave Baugh- VP International Operations

Dave Baugh is the Vice President of International Operations and he spoke to us about the numbers. Well, While I'll admit it wasn't the most exciting information of the day, it was pretty amazing. In the past SU! year all three countries represented (Germany, UK, and France) sold over 900,000 Euros or Pounds. I was amazed! Also every country recruited close to 200 recruits this past year. I know, to the American and Canadians that doesn't sound like much, how many did we do after convention? But, let me put it into perspective for you. The UK now has 381 demos, France has 312 and Germany has 229. That means they recruited enough to more than double and sometimes triple their numbers in one year! That's a recruiting rate of 200-300%Think how many free My Digital Studios Stampin Up would be willing to give us if we recruited that much!!!!!

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