Friday, November 6, 2009

European Convention Morning Day 2!

Ok, our day today started a bit earlier than usual. Sara and I both had insomnia, so we were up at 03:30. We tried really hard to be quiet, but we eventually woke up Emily. Since we were up anyway, Sara and I decided to make a few more swaps. We got to giggling so hard that we ended up with stuff crooked, but they were still ok. This is what they look like!

We also have met a few unique individuals while we have been here....we decided to make a special card in their honor. Unfortunately it turned out better than we thought it would, so we decided it was too special to give to them :) We did find a worthy recipient though. This is Stella. She is my new hero. When I asked her how many swaps she made for convention she replied NONE!!! Anyone who can admit to being too busy to make swaps is worthy of a special card. Here it is and here is Stella.

You can see all the people in the background with Stella, but when we got to the registration place we were the first ones there. We tried to explain to these Europeans how to enter convention (screaming and waving your arms) but unfortunately it was just us crazy American's doing it. Thats ok.. we are so glad to be here!
Finally we got to register and then we did a Paper, Pad and Marker activity where we could put a sample of each of the regular 48 and neutral colors (Europe doesn't have the in-colors) onto a chart. Isn't it cool?
Ok, thats it for now. We need to get back downstairs to take pictures of the boards, trade some swaps, hang out with our UK demo friends, and get Emily to stop jumping up and down! Talk to you soon.


  1. Lovely card.

    I am sure that you made this lady's day by giving her a swap when she brought none to trade. Very thoughtful of you.

    Keep up the great inspiration on your blog.

  2. LOL just wait till next year!!!!!!!! lol you guys are so funny!

  3. Hi Kelly

    Thanks so much for your blow-by-blow account.

    If you come to London next year, I promise to join in with the screaming and arm waving at registration :D


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