Saturday, November 7, 2009

Matching Notebooks and Pens

My daughter's class earns dollars for good behavior....Ok, not real dollars, but classroom dollars. Every quarter the kids are then invited to an auction so they can spend their dollars. This quarter, one of her teachers asked me if I would donate some projects for the kids to bid on. After consulting with my daughter (I don't know what 5th graders are in to) we came up with these notebooks. Since I'm out of town for the European convention right now...I'm going to have to show you one a day. So....Here is my favorite. It uses Just Jawing as well as heat and stick powder and chunky glitter.


  1. I think there will be some major bidding wars going on for these - LOL! Very cute and I am sure the girls will love do some with black glitter in the eyes and no bow and the boys will love them too.

  2. What a great incentive. I am sure your project will be worth plenty of classroom dollars.


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