Sunday, November 8, 2009

Workshop Wows!

After General Session, we were treated to three amazing Workshop Wow's. The first was done by Monica Gale. She showed us how to create this amazingly easy little box with a really cool flower on top. I just have to say it was FABULOUS!

The buttons that are shown on the board with Monica's box were the WOW item demonstrated by Jenni Pauli from Germany. She created them with several punched out circles of cardstock glued together and covered with Crystal Effects. Can you believe the amazing Christmas tree she made out of them?

Finally Emilie Veyssilier from France showed us her brayering technique to make this beautiful lovely as a tree card. She also taught us a quick little tip. Since in Europe they don't have colored craft ink (except for white. They just got it in their new catalog) they can't emboss over their colored ink. Emilie showed us how to ink the stamp first with Versamark and then with colored ink so when you stamp on your paper the Versamark is on top. Then you just add embossing powder and heat gun and your all done. I had never heard of that...and the demos there were very happy to finally be able to emboss in color.
Even Shelli said she learned something from these demonstrations that she had never known before. They really were wonderful!

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  1. Loving reading all this Kelly - now I don't feel I am missing out so much. I am going to Amanda's team event on Wednesday and Monica is my upline X2. It is so great to see them doing their presentations.

    Also those buttons look fab don't they? I heard about them, but couldn't imagine how great they looked until I saw your photo.


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