Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas is in TWO WEEKS!!!!

Can you believe it? It just dawned on me that I needed to make some gifts for the teachers at Katie and Jay's school. I have a friend who is a teacher, and she told me one of the most important things a parent can ever know about teacher gifts......Make sure they are consumable. I was visiting her one afternoon and she showed me the storage closet she had full of nothing but coffee mugs! Then she showed me her kitchen which was full of apple stuff "because I don't have any where else to put it!" It makes complete sense to me. If you have 30 kids, every Christmas, giving you coffee mugs and apple paraphanalia you are going to accumulate a lot. So, I always try to make my gift consumable.....either by making it food, or by making it cards or note pads etc. This year I went with candy. These are really simple to make and, in order to get the bottles you HAVE to drink some Starbucks Frappachinos.......what could be better than that? I used one of the small snowflake die and SU!'s vinyl sheets (this stuff is amazing...basically you can make your own Decor Elements using your bigshot!) to put the snowflakes on the sides of the bottles. Then I topped them with a scallop circle, the retired snow blossom punch and wrapped it with Real Red Polka Dot ribbon. I made all 7 of them last night during a one hour tv show. Can't ask for anything easier! The candies are all different because my kids couldn't decide. But I think they will like them....what do you think?

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  1. Those are adorable and very yummy looking!!! Thanks for popping over my blog and Wowzers,I'll have to check it out tomorrow to see my card on the yahoo group!!
    Me,as if me!!!!!
    Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!


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