Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Final Christmas Post of the Year

I know, Christmas has been over for almost a week now, and I'm still posting Christmas stuff. I'm sorry, but I always wait until the last minute to make things, so I have to show them to you after the fact. I promise that one of my resolutions for the upcoming year is to post items a bit more timely on here. As a matter of fact, tomorrow I'll show you my 2010 Calendar class that will be happening next week. How's that for timeliness? :) Anyway, here is a DE gift that, once again, was made at the last minute. My neighbor had a single Army guy come over for Christmas Eve dinner (which by the way was one of my favorite German meals of all time....Rouladen. MMMMMmmmmm!). We were all exchanging gifts, so she didn't want him to feel left out and asked me to make something for him. I decided to use my Billboard alphabet die and some of the DE sheets to put his name on a little change dish. She also had me make him a Teddy bear card (some kind of inside joke). So, here is what I made for him. My neighbor filled it with chocolate, so we know he liked at least part of it :)

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  1. lol, Christmas projects never ends for me... but I promise I am doing a 'not Christmas' project asap!!! & you will see it soon.. R ;)


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