Saturday, December 19, 2009

Final Character Box from Customer Appreciation

The final box we made for the CA Party was Rudolph. I had to do some minor tweaking on him since I didn't have the same die Gretchen used to make hers for the tutorial. I think using the Snowflake #2 die worked just as well though. (I also didn't have access to a red pom pom for his nose. Real Red cardstock and a circle punch to the rescue!)
Speaking of alterations....for those of you who have ever crafted with a group of ladies before, you know that there is always at least one that has to change up your project a little bit and make it their own. Well, my customers are no exception. Brenda decided to add a little something to our Rudolph project....she gave him a butt! For those of you who have had someone change up your design usually is a Duh! moment.....meaning you slap yourself in the middle of the forehead and say "Why didn't I think of that?"! Well this is one of those moments for me (and some of the other ladies at the party as well) so we all added butts to our reindeers too!

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