Thursday, December 24, 2009

Final Christmas Present

I know I know....nothing like waiting until the last minute. Well actually, this wasn't my procrastination. This was the procrastination of one of my co-workers. Her neighbor, who is an avid baker, brought her over a ton of cookies and other treats as a Christmas present. My co-worker felt badly about not having anything to give her back, so she asked me if I could whip something up. I figured every cook needs some recipe cards. Luckily these were already made up for some other long forgotten project, so I just added my Chef and Belly Band and Voila'......Instant Christmas present!


  1. I LOVE that stamp set.. one I don't have yet, but love the recipe cards idea. I am toying with the idea of making something along these lines for my Mother for her Birthday, as she LOVES her recipes! I thought I would try to find all her favourites, and fill out the cards for her. :-) Lovely set Kelly, I'm sure it will be very much enjoyed. :-)


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