Monday, December 21, 2009

I don't want to offend anyone....

so, please take what I am going to show you over the next few days with a grain of salt. First I need to explain. My husband, who is active duty Air Force, had to have a combat gift for his Christmas party this past weekend. A combat gift is part white elephant, and part rude, crude, humor. Since we knew the unmentionable types of gifts would abound......we wanted to do something a bit different. One day a few weeks ago I stumbled across K Werner's Design blog. On there she had this great template you could download called Unsympathy cards. My hubby and I thought this would be the perfect gift for one of his coworkers, so we decided to use them as his combat gift. Now they aren't dirty, and they shouldn't harm anyone's sensibilities, but they are extremely rude.....since everything around the net lately seems to be all Christmas and good cheer....I thought it might be a nice change of pace. I promise, it will be over before you know it. So, without further are the first two of my Unsympathy cards. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you...the little inset is the inside sentiment., I hope you get as good a laugh out of these as we did!


  1. Hi Kelly - wow. I just got a notice last night that I am going to be on your blog finds or something, but then I signed up to the feed and started looking at all of these amazingly talented creators bogs! Wow. I'd love to talk to you about your blog and how you get some of the Stampin Up links to work that way. I have been trying to for months and cannot get it to work right. I love your blogs, both of them and would love to chat a little with you. All of the ideas are so creative! Thanks. email me

  2. THANK YOU for the laugh!! I hope no one takes offense at these because, well, they're a refreshing change of pace! I laughed out loud!

  3. OMG! These six cards are HILARIOUS!
    Marisol Gutierrez
    A Touch of SOL


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