Sunday, June 7, 2009

Certainly Celery Notecards

Whew! You made it. You think that was suspenseful, wait until I show you my Chuck Norris projects! Today I'm showing you my certainly celery note cards that are included in the desk set for Katie's teacher. I absolutely love this color combination. I doubt I would have come up with it if I hadn't had the retired Green Tea DSP as inspiration. So, which note cards do you prefer....The blue or the green?


  1. I like them both but I like the blue more. Nice job, Roomie!

  2. The green is pretty, too, but since BAJA is my all-time favorite INCOLOR, I love the first set!! BAJA ROCKS!

  3. baja breeze is one of my favorite colors ever!! But...I really like the green best! I'm sure her teacher is going to love them!


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