Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Test Tube Bath Salt Holders

A few months ago (ok several, I think I got these before Christmas) I ordered a huge amount of these cute little test tubes. I was trying to come up with a new idea for using them. Then, this lovely German lady had a stall where I shop and she was selling homemade bath salts. I put two and two together and this is what I came up with. Aren't they cute. I used the flight of the butterfly stamp set, the 1" circle punch, striped ribbon and a rhinestone brad. They were super easy to make, and came together so quickly that I made one for every person at my workshop. I think this idea will be a keeper. All I have to do is change out the stamp set and I now have a gift for every season!


  1. For me, you shouldn't have! Just kidding..These are cute and they look like they smell yummy!

  2. cute are those!?!?!?! I think you should send at least one to all your friends and, you know, I am a friend....right????

  3. How cute are these!! Awesome job!


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