Friday, June 12, 2009

I never get flowers!

Ok, I married the most wonderful man in the world, but definately not the most romantic. I think I have gotten flowers maybe 3 times in the course of our 11 year marriage, and one of those was a rose from the gas station down the street (this would be the year that he forgot Valentine's Day). Needless to say, If I want fresh flowers I usually have to cut them out in the garden myself. Well, flowers aren't really blooming in Germany quite yet (it is still 50 degrees for goodness sake!) so I decided to make my own. These were super simple and just used punches, buttons and a little floral wire. The "vase" is an acetate tube that some candle holders came in. Maybe if I fill every room with more of these flowers, hubby will finally get the hint!


  1. Well at least these wont die or smell like gasoline...that's okay my hubby is the same and sometimes he will mention it to Solimar and she will to our garden or someone else's and yank them and say here mama these are from papa. I like the smell of flowers so on occassion I will buy them myself but not to often and Solimar is allergic...

  2. how darling and they'll never die! My husband used to get me flowers all the time...but then I got into stamping and realized flowers are about as much or more then a stamp set, so now I just tell him that whenever he gets the urge to buy flowers...just tell me to buy a stamp set instead!

  3. HI Kelly! I am with you! You can't wait for those men and flowers! So, making them for yourself is almost as good, especially since these won't wilt! HUGS, nicole


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