Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Chuck Norris Tribute

My loving husband has a hang up with Chuck Norris. For example, a friend of our is having twins. Instead of calling them by their soon to be given names he calls them Walker and Texas Ranger (in a weird tribute to both Chuck Norris and Talladega Nights). So, for a gag gift for the baby shower he decided I should make something special for him to give to Joe, aka Dad to be. I decided to make these cute little trays along with another Norris tribute I'll show you tomorrow. I really like how these turned out. It was super easy, and in order to keep the paper safe, I used our window sheets as a cover. Now if baby powder or something else spills the tray liner won't be ruined.


  1. good morning love...even though i am only 32...i love chuck norris. i grew up with my mom watching all his movies. my hubby thinks i am a 50 something year old trapped in a young(er) body as i also like to listen to the golden oldies on the radio...

  2. TOO funny! Your husband must be SO much fun! I've never heard of a man giving the "dad to be" a shower gift but I think it's FUN!

  3. That's HILARIOUS KELLY!! Shake-n-Bake! HAHA! CUTE AND FUN!


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