Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shower Gifts

When I set out to host the baby shower for my friend and Sideline Emily, I wasn't sure what to do. I am not a true baby shower person. I hate games, and all the cutesy stuff that comes with a typical baby shower. I decided to do a spa themed shower. We had a Mary Kay representative come over and do facials and make overs. We had a wonderful time. Don't worry Emily, I promise not to share the lovely pics of your facial :) I wanted to make some party favors for the guests to take home, but I didn't want to do the baby thing since the shower was more "grown up". I ended up doing candles (who knew these were so easy!! Want directions, I am happy to share. Just leave me a comment) and washclothes. The washclothes were tons of fun to make. I just used stayz on ink to stamp the flower and leaves, and permanent markers to color them in. Even the Mary Kay lady liked them and took one home!


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  2. Very CUTE! I want a spa shower...Love the candles. You made them yourself? Very NICE!

  3. Awesome Kelly! I bet you had some happy ladies!


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