Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did I lose my MoJo?

Well hello. I have to be honest, the past couple of days I have been posting older stuff. I just haven't had any Mojo lately. I think it is because my downline Cara is evil :) Actually she isn't, but she did introduce me to WOW (World of Warcraft for those who aren't "in the know"). That game is so addicting. And my computer is right in the middle of the living room, beckoning me whenever I walk in the door while my stamp room is up three whole flights of stairs. Well, you can see my problem. I promise though, I will do some stamping soon. While your waiting, I thought maybe you would like to see something really cool. My upline Sara found this really neat thin metallic sheeting (think gold leaf) last time she was in civilization (please forgive me if this is old news. Here in Germany new craft items are so rare we get all excited!). She used it to cover a sticky sheet die cut butterfly. I just thought this was the prettiest thing ever. Don't you absolutely love it? Now I just have to get myself motivated to go use it on a card.


  1. That IS cool! I can't say that I've seen that thin metallic stuff here but I don't often make it out to any craft stores!

  2. VERY PRETTY! You lost your MOJO? No way! It came to visit me and now I am going to give it get to stamping!

  3. how neat and pretty! I hope you get your mojo back!


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