Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Black Eyed Frogs???

Ok, back to my resolution to use all my Idea book and catalog stamp sets first. Here is a cute one called Hoppy for You. Believe it or not this set has been on my wish list since last July. Oh well, he is finally mine! (MUWAHHHAHAHA!!) I saw this card over on splitcoast, and had to give it a try (and of course my own spin). I had it almost completely done when the frog's eyes in the center smeared a little. I was so angry. Don't you hate it when you get something almost perfect and then screw it up at the end? Oh well, I'm just telling everyone that the center frog fought the fly and lost.

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  1. Frogs are one of my most favourite amphibians. My sister and I used to catch them at a creek near our home. Brings back fond memories. Thanks for sharing


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